About me

Back in my time at school i found myself wanting to do my own website designs. So i made my first experience with computer graphics as i took first steps in photoshop.

In the mean time CG-Movies became more and more popular in the cinemas and i was very interested in these from the very early beginnings. It was just a matter of time until i decided that i wanted to learn how to produce Models and Animations. I tried a few 3d modeling programs but i really got the hang of 3D Studio Max as it seemed very intuitiv and powerful. From then on i worked myself through almost every free Modeling Tutorial available on the Internet improving my skills more and more.

After i finished school i got a short view into the industry as i got the chance to work at Soulpix Animation Studio in Hannover. There i learned a lot more than any Tutorial could teach me and more important it showed me that i still had a lot to learn.

Nowadays i’m able to produce high quality stills and animations and as every 3D-Artist i’m in a learning progress constantly. On this Website i want to showcase some of my work that i’m producing.

I’m always looking for freelance work so feel free to browse my site and contact me if you’re interested.

Stefan Fuhrberg